Thursday, November 14, 2013

Doing Your Own Thing

Maybe this should be entitled doing my own thing.  Whichever it is I highly encourage everyone to take the freedom to do what pleases them when it comes to creating and sewing.  For me it's finding that perfect  match of doing what comes to me and doing what makes others go "oooh and aaah."  Nonetheless, it's still self directed.

I like to work on designs for machine quilting that don't look cookie cutter.  I buy patterns and read the directions then never use the pattern but instead prefer to make it up as I go along (I learn by doing).  Sometimes I watch videos and walk away wondering why the presenter bothered then set about creating something completely different from what they did.

Maybe it's rebellion and maybe it's just me being me.  Regardless of which it is I encourage people to find their inspiration inside then go make happy sewing experiences for yourself.  You don't need Pinterest or magazines to show you how, let your spirit and talents guide you there.

Happy doing your own thing.