Sunday, November 10, 2013

Announcing a Quilt Raffle to Benefit Mercy Covers

This quilt measures approx. 65" x 75"
Close-up of custom free hand longarm quilting
This one-of-kind quilt has been created for the purpose of raising money for Mercy Covers, an organization started by the St. Bryce Foundation, a non-profit group. The quilt is being raffled as a means to raise money to send sewing machines, fabric, supplies and other needs to the women who are working with Mercy Covers to create sustainable goods such as quilts for the needy and crafts that can be sold as a way these women can support themselves while learning a useful and self-supporting trade in sewing. Shipping even fully donated goods to Costa Rica is astoundingly expensive.

Colleen Connell Mitchell, the founder of Mercy Covers, has created a network of missionaries willing to bring supplies to the organization but it takes money to ship these items to those travelling to Costa Rica. It also take money to repair and make ready machines and other tools that are donated. That is where the quilt comes in. We are working toward raising $5,000 to take us through the next few shipments of goods to Mercy Covers.

Raffle tickets come from your donations. They are $5 for 1 ticket; 3 for $14; 5 for $24; 6 for $28; 8 for $37; 11 for $50; 17 for $75; and 25 for $100. All entries will be entered into the raffle and the prize winner will be drawn on December 31, 2013. Upon verification of winner the quilt will be shipped no later than January 6, 2014. The quilt is valued at $400. Shipping of the quilt to the winner will be free of charge.

To learn more about Mercy Covers, visit their FaceBook page at