Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Surprise Reveal--What Bargaining and $5 will Buy

First the back story.  My friend and I went to pick up my sewing machine at Shawn's Sewing Center in Springfield, MO on Saturday.  It had received it's annual check-up.  Shawn, the shop owner, showed us an old antique sewing machine that had some strange "attachments" added.  He had purchased it with some other things at a sale.  So I had to ask, "Are you selling it?"  He replied, "Are you buying it?"  We talked about it's value and he finally shot, "Make me an offer!"  Jokingly I made an offer, "Five dollars!"  To this Shawn replied, "SOLD!!"

My friend and I laughed and discussed what I would do with my new purchase.  The "attachments" definitely had to go and some updates made.

My $5 surprise is an antique sewing machine someone turned into a a functional lamp.  The original lampshade was something close to hideous.  It was a throw back from the Five and Dime era with little rosettes around the base.  And the crocheted doily is so encrusted with dust that it is stiff. 

The "attachments" have been removed.  In their place is an updated lampshade and a new energy efficient light bulb.  This little relic will be an accessory light in my new studio.  

By the way, according to the shop owner the parts on the machine are worth some money on ebay.  I'm keeping my relic as the back story and memory is worth it.  My friend and I will long laugh about the $5 surprise.