Monday, September 30, 2013

Recreating a Vintage Sewing Box

Front of old sewing chair
Last year, as my mother was moved into a Memory Care Unit for her Alzheimer's. We were faced with what to do with all of her belongings.  Mom was a collector of sentimental things, one of which included a sewing chair she had made for her mother about 50 years before.  The chair was put into items for a garage sale. A young lady brought the sewing chair to me to pay for it--50 cents was marked on the tag.  "I'm sorry, that was not supposed to be in the sale items," I said. She accepted the loss and paid for the rest of her finds.  Something told my heart not to let that sewing chair go.  There were too many memories.

Side of old sewing chair
I brought the soiled sewing chair home and looked it over carefully.  In my mind I could see a new sewing chair and potentially a pattern for it being sold to sewers and crafters who enjoy recreating vintage products. Some months have passed but I've taken the chair apart carefully and reproduced it's pieces.  I am ready to start creating the final product. Below is the old chair, somewhat dilapidated and worn and my new paper prototype for the final pattern.
New sewing chair front--paper prototype

Mom has since passed away and this one of my memories of her.  I do recall her making this sewing chair and also one for herself.  This new chair is going to be done in Kaffe Fassett.  I can hardly wait to get it out to my sample maker to see what she does with the pattern.  

New sewing chair side--paper prototype

Anyone want to make a test Sewing Chair?  I'd be happy to provide the pattern free of charge, all you have to do is provide your own materials, make one then send me the pictures and your comments about how the instructions and the assembly.  You keep the chair! If interested please send me your email address to: and I will send you the PDF version once it is all final.  Please mark your request for the pattern, Sewing Chair Test.

Happy sewing, happy quilting.