Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hitting a Rough Spot in Designing a Quilt or In Life

We've all had them, those moments when try as we might we can't figure out what's next with a quilt design, following a pattern, or just living life.  You stop and ponder for a moment, do I retrace my steps, do things different and ask yourself how, or do I just step back and wait for the solution to come.  Waiting could take hours, days, weeks and so can retracing our steps or undoing what we already did.  So what's the solution? In all things allow yourself some "oops" time.  That would be time to figure out which way to go or to develop a road map to follow.  Whether it's designing your next quilt, following a quilt pattern, or just navigating through life's twists and turns it's okay to just take time to reflect, take a nap or walk away until inspiration comes back to your heart.

Happy designing, quilting and living life.