Monday, September 2, 2013

Essence of Joy....A walk through the quilt design process

Essence of Joy
The first quilt I designed is named Essence of Joy, often referred to as just "Joy."  It went together so easily from a design perspective.  I made my first sample of the actual quilt then had my best friend and now sample maker create the second sample and test the pattern.  The process of designing quilts and getting designs to market then came to a stalemate as other things got in the way.  Once my passion returned and I started showing the quilt everyone was excited about it and fell in love with it's color and simplicity.  Today, I delivered the elements to my sister-in-law (affectionately called sistah-in-laaaaaaaaaaaaw) for her to make the same quilt for her grandson.  Going over the pattern again I am in amazed that it was so well written--and yes I am tooting my own horn.  I thought it would be the last design I would try to bring to market but it looks like it will be the first.  I am maybe two weeks away from having it ready to sell commercially.

Please share your comments and opinions of this design.