Monday, August 19, 2013

Never Create When Your Heart Isn't In It!

I love creating...actually I live for it.  My daughter who is a wizard at marketing tells me ideas fall from my lips like I have rolodex full just waiting to be used.  While I may not totally agree with that, I do tend to have a head full of creativity and I do take advantage of it often, however.....I've discovered something.  Never force yourself to create when your heart isn't in it.  Not long ago I tried for two days to finish a quilt top.  It was going fairly well and I stopped to take time out to run to the store.  Two hours and a tow truck later, my car was at the shop and I was back home.  My heart and mind weren't thinking about sitting down and concentrating on this creative bit of stuff I had been working on earlier.  I was determined to press on and pass procrastination so I took a short nap and then went back to sewing.  Lo and behold, the next morning I looked at what I did and it was a mess.  I had sewn things together that made no sense.  Later, I sat down to finish my project and discovered this time I had added rows where none existed.  In short I had done about an hour of sewing that had to be taken apart before I could complete what I was doing.  My eyes got blurred and my mind was mush.       
The moral to this story is to not put yourself on such a tight time constraint and to not force the creative juices to flow when they are running low.  Since the ability to create is usually there always remember that sometimes you need to give yourself a break and fill up your creative tank.  The project will wait until tomorrow, go take a long nap!