Monday, July 6, 2015

Portable Ironing Board--A Quilters' Companion

Portable Studio/Sewing Room Ironing Table
Tutorial Written and Illustrated by Jillian Grant

Supplies Needed:

Sturdy Wooden Folding TV Tray—These can be found at Walmart for less than $9
100% Cotton Fabric about 20” x 24” (to allow for trimming)
3-4 pieces of cotton or 80/20 cotton/poly blend batting. 
  • piece needs to be at least large enough to cover the top of the TV tray and wrap to the back of tray. 
  • The other pieces can be one continuous piece to layer or multiple pieces cut to the size of the top of tray.
1 piece of Insul Bright cut to the size of the top of the tray.  Insult Bright is sold many places and runs about $7.50-8.00 for a 45” x 1 large piece.
1 heavy duty staple gun and plenty of staples
Solid surface to work on


1. Pull support legs out on TV Tray as if to use it. 

2. Place piece of batting over top of tray.  Note it is okay to use 
batting scraps and they may overlap slightly.

3. Turn TV Tray upside down and place on sturdy surface.  Starting in the corner you can now start stapling down the layer of batting as close to the edge as possible.  On corners ease the extra batting into the corner so that it’s not too lumpy.  Place you staples about 3”-4” apart.  Pull the batting a little taut as you staple side 2-4 but do not stretch batting.  You just want to insure the batting is not going to be sliding around underneath everything else.

4. Once the batting is in place trim close to staples to remove excess batting.

5. Next lay down a piece of Insul Bright, shiny side up, and trim to fit your TV Tray from edge to edge.

6. Layer down the next 2-3 layers of batting and make sure they are just about 1/8” smaller than the tray all the way around.

7.  Cut fabric to be approximately 4” larger than top of TV Tray.  Lay across top of tray with overhang even around all four edges of tray.

8.     Carefully turn the TV Tray back over and place on a sturdy surface.  Suggestion:  Place one hand on top of the layers to hold in place while turning upside down.

9.  Start with corners pulling fabric up to cover rounded edges.  Staple in place.    Do all four corners first. 

10. Next pull up one side of the fabric and fold extra under then staple in place to back/bottom of the tray.  Make sure you place staples about 1” apart. 

11. Turn tray to opposite side and pull fabric snug and tight and staple down that side.  Turn and complete the two sides that are not done.  If you have any batting showing trim away.

Your Finished Portable Ironing Board