Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Latest Trends in Quilting

I recently spent some time pouring through about a dozen magazines from around the world written all about my favorite subject...quilting.  Judging by what I am seeing then and over the last few months there are definite movements toward a much more clean and easy look to quilts of today.  In a nutshell the world is moving forward into a more modern look for quilts.

At Quilt Guild last night I was asked what is the difference between modern quilts and contemporary quilts.  This is a question that could be pondered and argued for a long time without a total meeting of the minds.  I've made up my own definition that I believe will make things a little more clear.

Contemporary quilts are typically those with components of traditional pattern designs but using more updated fabric patterns and colors.  This is much like what we see in fashion when trends from years gone by are revived but with a fresh look.

Modern quilts, on the other hand, are often linear designs (lots of lines) with a great deal of negative space.  The focus in the negative space is often the quilting.  Modern quilts use a lot of grey or white in their components.

For me personally, my preferred designs are either contemporary or modern but I find myself lately looking for traditional designs and then ways to update them.  In the end, it just matters that it's all about quilting.

Here is a recent quilt of mine called Picasso Lives.

The premise was to use scraps to make a block that could be incorporated into a design.  The overall look is very contemporary to me.

Happy discovery of your own quilt niche.