Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Time Flies

Wow, I can't believe I've neglected my post for so long.  It's just that the craziness of tax season got the best of me.  Excuses aside I'm back to posting and taking this blog to a new level of excellence.

While I was gone here's one of my latest creations called Chuyito's Braided Dream.  The quilt has several interpretations.  When I look at it I see the mountains from the middle up, and valleys with meadows below.  The other interpretation is we all start centered and from there our vibes are sent out into the universe.  It could be a quilter's secret the Mayans.

Now to be more literal, this is what Chuy wanted--blues and mint green.  I wish the quilting showed up because it was very heavily quilted and took three days on the machine to complete.  This is not my normal modern style but I am proud of what the pattern became as it was my own remodel of a traditional braid.  What it says to me is that "yes, I can do traditional quilts!"